Know your proper office etiquette – essay by writing service

Office and Workplace Etiquette

For your day to run smoothly it makes good sense to practice the proper office etiquette. You have to remember that you are not at cozy home sweet home. Therefore you must think of others when doing things like talking on the phone, or asking to borrow office supplies. When you are able to use the right workplace etiquette, everyone will have a better time, and the office will run more effortlessly.

On the Phone

When you are on the telephone, be aware of how loud you are speaking. Can the person on the other side of the hall hear everything you are saying? This is not only embarrassing for the speaker, it can also be distracting and bothersome to others. Workplace etiquette is important in matters such as these, so be sure that your conversation isn’t being heard by the entire office. If you happened to be having a private conversation, you probably wouldn’t want the whole office to know about it. If you have a door to your office, make sure that it is closed before you speak on the phone, if you are notorious for loud conversations. If you need to write essay take a look at essay writing service online it always work!


Conversations at Work

If you are speaking to someone privately, try to limit conversations like this to just a short time. Since you are at your place of business, it is important that you use the facilities for business related tasks, and not talking about the new club you went to last night. Save that for after work when you get together with co workers for some drinks at the local pub. This is crucial office etiquette, and should be adhered to whenever possible.

Although it can be quite difficult, workplace etiquette says that it is best if the conversations you have at work are related to matters of business, and not personal matters. If you accidentally overhear a conversation that is private, pretend as if you didn’t. No one likes it when you stick your nose where it shouldn’t be! If someone wants your advice about something, they will ask you personally for it.

There is usually at least one person who likes to gossip in every office. Avoid that person like the plague. When speaking of people in the office talk only about things you are certain of, and avoid making judgments about people and things they do. We all have skeletons in our closet. So keep conversations at work about work, and not the latest juicy news on your coworkers. Same rules apply to office parties.

Scents and Smells

If you are in small office, or even a large one with cubicles, or open space, try to avoid wearing perfumes that are overpowering, or bringing in flowers or other things with strong scents unless everyone is okay with it. You never know when one of your coworkers might have an allergy.


When eating in the office, office etiquette states that you should attempt to stay away from bringing foods with strong scents, since when combined with other food scents, they can become quite unappetizing. Also, when getting rid of empty food containers, do it away from where you work, to avoid the lingering scent.