Learn Blues Guitar Chords

Music, they say, is the voice of the soul and soul is all about the blues. One of the life’s greatest pleasures is playing a musical instrument and to learn blues guitar is a dream that many aspire to, particularly those of the baby boomer generation. Ever since the early days of Rock n Roll, the guitar has been the instrument of choice for millions and the fundamentals of all contemporary music are rooted in the blues and its deceptively tricky blues scales.

Its power is tremendous, having the capacity to cast a spell on all those that lend ears to it. In terms of its artistry, blues music sits high up the ranks.  A lot of people have dedicated their lives to the craft and have been made immortal legends such as the blues kings, B.B, Freddie, and Albert. Blues music seems simple, which in a way it is and had to be considering its origin in American black slavery, however, to play this stuff right you need a good feel and a good ear.

learn blues guitar

Young or old, one of the most satisfying things you can do is learn an instrument. Kids today, at a young age, are exposed to simple notes and learning instruments step by step on an instrument of their choice, something denied to those of that baby boomer generation mentioned earlier. The electric guitar was then deemed an instrument of the devil’s music Rock’n’Roll and regarded as a flash in the pan that would soon subside. Even worse the blues scales were an affront to any decent musician. Well thankfully today’s music teachers are from the generation that regards all music as worthwhile and certainly contemporary music is worthy of their teaching skills.

Learn blues guitar and set yourself up for any genre of music, in fact, your music regardless of what type it is  can only benefit from it. Individual tuition is by far the best way to learn but today’s hectic lifestyle means that it is often inconvenient, time-consuming, damned hard work and of course pretty expensive.  A lot of the greatest musicians of today are self-taught and furthermore, the internet is now the place to go to seek help in this area. This means that you can learn blues guitar chords and scales by just having a guitar at home and a functioning internet connection and at your own convenience. If and when you get frustrated, curse and swear as much as you like in true Rock fashion and no one will get offended.