Sensitive Essay Writing

Be sensitive with your writing because you don’t know once again who is reading it on the other side you don’t know what their beliefs are you don’t know if they might be offended when they’re reading it depending on how you frame it i’m going to give you an example of a controversial subject of an essay i actually just read yesterday and this is a student who coming from a very religious conservative family was writing an essay about the struggles of growing up in that context and also going through high school at a very conservative religious school as well and he spoke about his questioning the existence of God and feeling like he was a terrible person because he was doubting what everyone around him in his community was thinking and so that potentially could be a controversial issue.

I’m sure that you home agree with that but the way that he spun it was in a way of this is how it helped formed my intellect this is how it really showed me that I I want to be educated and I want to to really think through issues before I necessarily believe them and so using that controversial issue that really worked in his favor it worked well because he presented it in a way that really showed his strengths and so it was not in an offensive way whatsoever that controversial topic could be taken in a very different direction depending on how you write the words that you use I’m so it’s an example of one that worked I’ve read a lot of controversial subject essays that haven’t worked and so I think it’s really important just to be careful with that in general but certainly can be done and can be done well and lastly passionate so definitely like I said before that first question should be in your mind what do I want to write about that first thing that you think of what do I want to write about will most likely be what you are most passionate about the first thing you think of right and so writing about something that you’re passionate about.

I can tell when I’m reading an essay if that student is passionate about what they’re talking about because like I said that is that vivid imagery realizing that reading through your story if I feel like I’m there with you I know that that was really a moment that is important to you and that you relive often and so being passionate about what you’re writing about is very very important okay so yeah just a few other comments here vivid equals adjectives yes yes so we’re going to take a look at some examples of those adjectives in action here in just a minute since of humor is tough do not force it and make sure you are not being inappropriate yes so always get an outside perspective if you’re not sure if you’re on the fence about some humor or a controversial issue always ask for a second if not a third opinion to make sure that what you’re doing is certainly okay with with those outside of who you are as well.